Bojack Horseman

Despite the recent cancellations over at Netflix which have left fans shaking their heads, it seems not all is lost, as big news came out regarding everyone’s favorite talking horse drama/comedy, ‘Bojack Horseman.’ It seems that after yet another spectacular season, Netflix has decided to renew the animated series for a 6th season, leaving fans assured that there will be plenty more Bojack and company coming their way in the next few years.

This seems to follow the current trend with Netflix where they seem to be leaning more into original, edgier programming like ‘Bojack Horseman’ or ‘Big Mouth’ and renewing those to keep fans happy and keep content coming in that they can rely on, especially when it has become well-known among Netflix subscribers that the name “Netflix” attached to a show does not mean “quality content” the way that it used to. Netflix seems to be going instead with a strategy of throwing everything they possibly can at audiences, good and bad, and just seeing what sticks.

Luckily though, both Netflix and audiences seem to have embraced ‘Bojack Horseman,’ the harrowing tale of a former sitcom star that happens to be a horse, finding his way despite his current drug and alcohol addictions and mental health issues, alongside his one-time roommate, the asexual entrepreneur Todd, one-time crush/ long-time friend and internet blogger Diane, semi-friend and sometimes competition Mr. Peanutbutter, and agent who happens to be a cat Princess Caroline, all intent on finding happiness and success in a warped take on modern Hollywood (called “Hollywoo” on the show after the “D” was stolen). Oh, and the whole thing is hilarious, made even more so by the amazing voice-actors, visual gags, and background puns that inundate every episode. It is not really all that surprising to find that ‘Bojack Horseman’ has an audience. What is surprising in today’s Hollywood is that the show is appreciated for what it is by both audiences and its studio, Netflix, which is part of what makes the news of Season 6 so sweet.

Here’s hoping they manage to keep the quality up and keep both the fans and the studio happy when they come back for the new season next year.