Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

I confess, even though I’ll watch any comic-based movie that comes out no matter how bad the reviews (even ‘Ghost Rider’ (*shudder*)), I was intrigued when 2016’s movie ‘Suicide Squad’ was announced (not to be confused with the recently-announced 2021 version ‘The Suicide Squad‘).  I’ve always liked the complexity of anti-heroes, so I was excited to see the film.  When I heard that Will Smith was playing a lead role, I was confused because, with all due respect to Smith, he steals every scene he’s in because of his smoldering intensity.  Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to see that while all the other characters got lost in Smith’s shadow, Margot Robbie stood her ground.

It seems natural after this breakout role as Harley Quinn, that Robbie is pushing another movie starring as everyone’s favorite psycho femme fatal.  It’s called ‘Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)’ and planned to come out in 2020.  If it isn’t obvious enough from the title, ‘Birds of Prey’ will primarily be about Harley and her character development.  The movie’s writer, Christina Hodson, recently described how Robbie originally pitched the movie to her.  She explained:

“Margot knew she wanted to tell a ‘Harley Quinn plus girls’ story. That was kind of where she began with it. She knew she wanted a girl gang. She wanted Harley to have friends.”

If the story is being written according to Margot’s views, it’s likely not going to follow Batman canon as much as Dark Knight traditionalists might like.  Still, Hodson explained that Robbie will likely be respectful of the genre.  She stated:

“She’s a comic-book fan. Obviously, you know, it’s not a traditional team-up. So then it was about finding fun, inventive ways of doing that. Warners were very supportive in terms of letting me go off-leash.”

Given how effortlessly Robbie filled her role in ‘Suicide Squad,’ I expect great things from ‘Birds of Prey,’ especially now that we know that she and Hodson essentially have creative control.  It may not be the familiar “Puddin’ and Daddy’s Girl,” but it’s sure to be a fun romp in the psychotic world of Harley Quinn.