Marvel's New Warriors Is Reported To Be Cancelled

Marvel TV’s ‘New Warriors’ appears to be dead before arrival as it is being reported that the series couldn’t find a channel to air on. The initial pitch had the series heading to Freeform who passed on it after seeing the pilot. Since that time, Marvel TV tried shopping it to both Hulu and Disney+ who both reportedly have passed on the series. Hell, the show’s cast even made an attempt to replace ‘Roseanne’ after it had initially been canceled.

This cancelation is a blow to Marvel TV who had Marvel TV Chief Jeph Loeb directly involved with the project and had high praise internally within the studio.


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The plan for the series was to have it be a “half-hour dramedy, comedy docu-comedy show about a young group of 20-somethings living in a house, pretending to be superheroes.” This plot is similar to what was done in the third version of the ‘New Warriors’ comics in a six-issue mini-series which was penned by Zeb Wells with art by Skottie Young. There, we saw Nova, Night Thrasher, Namorita, and Speedball joined with a new character named Microbe who were going to star in a reality TV show that followed their superhero missions. That all ended rather explosively and was just a plan to kick off the comic version of the “Civil War” story arc.

The series had cast Derek Theler as Craig Hollis/Mister Immortal, Milana Vayntrub as Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, Jeremy Tardy as Dwayne Taylor/Night Thrasher, Calum Worthy as Robbie Baldwin/Speedball, Matthew Moy as Zach Smith/Microbe, and Kate Comer as Deborah Fields/Debrii.

Were you looking forward to ‘New Warriors’ or did the premise not sell you? Do you think any of those heroes should be introduced in another show or film? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Geeks WorldWide