New Warriors

We still don’t know where ‘New Warriors’ might be landing when the series debuts but now we’ve learned that the format will have it set as a “docu-comedy.” The news comes from comic writer Fabian Nicieza. While he didn’t create the characters as Tom Defalco had, he was the fan-favorite author of the characters and primary contact for the showrunners. He was able to offer insight into how they’re planning to bring the show to the small screen.

According to Nicieza:

“The TV thing is not the original comics thing; it is its own entity, and my desire is for it to be as good as it can possibly be for what it is. And what it is is a half-hour dramedy, comedy docu-comedy show about a young group of 20-somethings living in a house, pretending to be superheroes.”

This idea was initially floated in the third iteration of the ‘New Warriors’ comics in a six-issue mini-series which was penned by Zeb Wells with art by Skottie Young. In it, classic characters Nova, Night Thrasher, Namorita, and Speedball joined with a new character named Microbe and were going to star in a reality TV show that followed their superhero missions. Only, they ended up triggering the super-villain Nitro who blew up and took out a school full of children which kicked off the first “Civil War” story arc.

Apparently, they’re only looking to take the reality TV portion of this story as it seems far too lighthearted being a “comedy” and including Squirrel Girl to go so dark as to have an entire school blown up before their eyes.

While Nicieza wasn’t involved in this story, his volume of the characters was the longest-running and fan-favorite set of comics starring these heroes. It isn’t a surprise that his voice would be the one which the showrunners went to for ideas and how to develop their characters for a new audience.

“What I think is the core underlying ethos of New Warriors that made my run so successful and that others struggled with was the strident, passionate, and relatively immature perspective the young bring to seek change in the world. There has to be an element of anger and passion to that, which infused the original series. There also has to be an element of positive aspiration to it, too, because they’re supposed to be good people who just don’t know enough about the world yet. I hope they use those elements in the TV show, because then, to me, it’s the brand of New Warriors. If they don’t, it will be other iterations that Marvel published, and there’s a reason those didn’t succeed: because it lacked the core DNA.”

Honestly, the core values and exploits of both these heroes as well as the ‘Champions’ are a great reflection of today’s society. It wouldn’t surprise me if this resonated with a younger audience.

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Source: Screen Rant