xmen apocalypse nightcrawler

In case you have not noticed, blockbuster season is just around the corner (or already started if you want to count the pestilence that was ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘) which of course means advertising for every studio’s big movies is running at full capacity. Aside from the standard trailers, promos, and clips from the films themselves, some ad agencies are being even more clever by using characters from the movies to advertise their product in immersive commercials that utilize the world the movies take place in.

Two such ads recently came out using the characters from ‘X-Men: Apocalypse‘ to promote the Sky Broadband services,  the first being released earlier this week, with Quicksilver being the star and the tag basically being that Star Broadband is even faster than Quicksilver. The commercial is pretty great as it uses a lot of the cast from the upcoming movie, while they are all hanging out at the Xavier Institute, and it gives us a hint of the powers we are going to see in the movie while also setting up an amusing scenario where Quicksilver uses his powers to impress a girl. Check it out for yourself below:

The second ad is not nearly as fun, but does feature Storm and Nightcrawler interacting with the advertisements, showing off their costumes/ looks in the new movie, as well as what their powers look like (Nightcrawler’s teleporting ability, and Storm’s ability to shoot lightning from her hands). As stated before, it is not nearly as inventive as the first commericial, but it is cool seeing Nightcrawler and Storm do their thing. Check out the second commercial below:

What are your thoughts on using characters from a film not even released being used in advertisements? Do you think it cheapens the ‘X-Men’ franchise? Does it inadvertently give out some spoilers for the film that you did not want to know? Share your opinion in the comments below!

Source: CBM