Zombie Tidal Wave

From some of the twisted minds behind Sharknado comes an all-new disaster ‘Zombie Tidal Wave’ and we have a new trailer for you from Syfy! Debuting Saturday, August 17th, 2019 at 9/8c, we’ll see what could be the film that gives the network a surprise hit as ‘Sharknado’ had previously done. That is if the entire world isn’t already tired of the B movies that Syfy keeps pumping out while canceling the show that fans love.

The film is directed by Anthony C. Ferrante of ‘Sharknado’ fame and also stars Ian Ziering from the franchise. He’ll be playing “a veteran sailor who leaves a disparate group of locals to beat an undead pandemic.” Joining him in front of the camera is Tori Spelling who he previously worked with on ‘Beverly Hills 90210.’


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You can check out the final ‘Zombie Tidal Wave’ trailer right here:


I honestly can’t decide if this is more or less ridiculous than the ‘Sharknado’ films that they did.

Previously when speaking about the film, actor Ziering shared that:

“Zombie Tidal Wave offered the opportunity to see my original concept through to release, it is incredibly satisfying to be a creator and work in all facets of the process beyond my contributions as an actor. Darby and I want to continue to curate more projects together in this hands-on manner, and I can’t wait to bring more of my acting and directing peers, and new production partners, along with us.”

What do you think of the last trailer for ‘Zombie Tidal Wave’? Will you be tuning in tomorrow when it debuts? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Zombie Tidal Wave’ will premiere on Syfy on August 17th, 2019, during an event dubbed “Off the Deep End Weekend,” which will also all of the ‘Sharknado’ flicks, and other Syfy originals with a nautical theme, like ‘Zombie Shark’, ‘Sharktopus’, ‘Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda’, ‘Atomic Shark’, ‘Dam Sharks’, ‘5-Headed Shark’, ‘6-Headed Shark’, ‘Frenzy’ and ‘Megaladon’.


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