The trailer for ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ has dropped and one thing that absolutely stands out is Alita’s eyes and now director Robert Rodriguez is opening up a bit about them. While the source material can either be considered the original manga or the anime film that was based on it, none of the rest of the humans have these eyes in the movie. Apparently, it was also James Cameron’s idea to have a live version of these eyes but they look even more out of place with only one character having them.

According to Rodriguez:

“It was always Jim’s intention to create a photo-realistic version of the manga eyes that we’re so accustomed to seeing. We really wanted to honour that tradition and see that look standing next to any human character. To have the right person to emote behind it was really essential. Her origins are in the film and you understand why she looks that way. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, we have some pretty big windows. You can see a lot going on in there! When it gets to the emotional scenes it’s really uncanny and striking. And captivating! “

Captivating is an understatement as it is impossible to look away when they first showed up on the screen. One can only hope that they end up as something you can enjoy watching and not be distracting to the point of making you miss the actual movie when it debuts.

What are your thoughts on ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ using these anime styled eyes in a live-action environment and on a single character? Do you feel that this will help us get more in tune with who Alita will be or will this make it hard to take her character seriously? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Empire Online