In a recent interview Kate Mara (‘Transcendence‘,’House of Cards’) who is playing Sue Storm mentioned that the new movie won’t be based on anything that the comics have done to date. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve always felt that the major complaints about the ‘Fantastic Four‘ movies is that they strayed too far away from the source material. So not using the source material at all? That seems to be a mistake if you ask me.

Sure there was a controversial casting choice but honestly, the more I was hearing about the ‘Fantastic Four’ film the more it sounds as if they were going to go the route of ‘Ultimate Fantastic Four’ and that had caught my interest. Even the early set photos hinted at it. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe based their on screen characters off of the Ultimate Universe so if the ‘Fantastic Four’ was going to be going the same route, we might have something pretty amazing to see here.

Now it looks as if my hope was dashed. Here’s exactly what Mara had to say on the subject:

“I’ve never been a fan of comics, I’ve never actually read one. I was going to for this movie but the director said it wasn’t necessary. Well, actually he told us that we shouldn’t do it because the plot won’t be based on any history of anything already published. So I chose to follow his instructions.”

I won’t hold the fact that she’s not a comic fan against her. OK, I probably will, but actors get paid to act so that only makes me think less of her as a person and not an actress which is something that she is talented at. What I will do. is focus in on that “the plot won’t be based on any history of anything already published.”

That was the very problem with the first two attempts at the film, and I suspect we’re going to see it as a huge issue with the third as well.

That is just my opinion though. What are your views on the plot not having anything to do with published story lines? Are you OK with a completely new take on the characters or is this just making you want to see even less of what they have planned?

Source: Cinema Blend