Ian Ziering in Zombie Tidal Wave

Now that ‘Sharknado’ has been beaten to death (LITERALLY) and with his latest series, DC Universe’s ‘Swamp Thing’ prematurely canceled, Ian Ziering is swimming back to the beach and to Syfy for what the network hopes will be the next ‘Sharknado’– ‘Zombie Tidal Wave’.  This time around, Ziering is producing via his I.Man Productions, along with Darby Parker’s Stronghold Entertainment.  Parker (‘Machete’) is co-writing the screenplay with director Anthony C. Ferrante, and Josh LeBlanc, based on a story by Ziering and Thunder Levin.  (It took FIVE people to write this.)  Ferrante directed all of the ‘Sharknado’ installments, which all featured writing by Levin.

Other than Ziering, ‘Zombie Tidal Wave’ stars no one you’ve heard of.  He portrays “Hunter Shaw, a veteran sailor who helps locals band together after a tsunami brings hordes of the undead to the shores of his island community.”  (THAT took five people to come up with.  Because you know there’s no more to it!)

In a statement, Ziering announced:

“‘Zombie Tidal Wave’ offered the opportunity to see my original concept through to release.  It is incredibly satisfying to be a creator and work in all facets of the process beyond my contributions as an actor. Darby and I want to continue to curate more projects together in this hands-on manner, and I can’t wait to bring more of my acting and directing peers, and new production partners, along with us.”

Ziering will be seen in three episodes of ‘Swamp Thing’ as stuntman Dan Cassidy, before transforming into Blue Devil for the final episodes, which would have presumably have really paid off in a second season, which will never happen.  He can also be seen in Netflix’s ‘Malibu Rescue’, directed by Savage Steve Holland.  (Savage Steve Holland?  Thunder Levin?  Where does Ziering find these people?)  Ziering will also star on and produce FOX’s upcoming ‘BH90210’, which reunites the surviving cast of the original ‘Beverly Hill 90210’ which premieres on August 7.

‘Zombie Tidal Wave’ will premiere on Syfy on August 17, during an event dubbed “Off the Deep End Weekend,” which will also all of the ‘Sharknado’ flicks, and other Syfy originals with a nautical theme, like ‘Zombie Shark’, ‘Sharktopus’, ‘Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda’, ‘Atomic Shark’, ‘Dam Sharks’, ‘5-Headed Shark’, ‘6-Headed Shark’, ‘Frenzy’ and ‘Megaladon’.  So mark your calendar!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter