Star Trek: Picard

While we’re all excited to see the return of Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard on the upcoming CBS All Access Series ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ we haven’t known much about the tone of the series. However, thanks to CBS EVP of Original Content Julie McNamara, we learned a bit of what to expect. While it should come as no surprise that elements of the series will be reminiscent of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ what may come as a surprise to some is that it is also being thought of as a hybrid style mixed with ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’

Before those of you who can’t stand what the network has done creatively with ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ get worried about what that means for the series, it is elements of the production that will stand out in that comparison.


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According to McNamara, “I would say that in production, sort of size and scope, [Picard is] probably more similar to Discovery.” So, it will be the actual filmmaking and not the storytelling, which seems to fall in line with ‘Discovery.’

As to how the series will be more similar to ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ she went on to add:

“In terms of the characters and the nature of the storytelling, [Picard is] probably more like Next Generation. But of course, we’re a number of years later now, so there are some shifts in the storytelling style, but I think it’s a really nice hybrid of the two.”

This should be fantastic news for those who were worried that the style of Alex Kurtzman‘s work on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ might make the return of Picard to be less enjoyable.

Are you thrilled to hear how ‘Star Trek: Picard’ will hopefully end up reminding viewers of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’? Do you believe that the production style of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ being used here will help or hurt the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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