Jeph Loeb On The End Of Legion

Another Marvel TV show has come to an end as FX’s ‘Legion’ has aired its series finale. Unlike ‘Agent Carter’ or the multitude of Netflix shows, this series wasn’t canceled and was able to tell a complete story. It was a welcome relief to showrunner Noah Hawley as well as Marvel TV’s head Jeph Loeb as ‘Legion’ was able to enjoy a three season run and has come to a close.

Looking back on the series, Loeb has shared:

“It’s a remarkable show created and visualized by an extraordinary filmmaker. Noah carried this from the start — told us how he wanted the show to begin and how he wanted it to end — and we’ve respected that. Having FX as our partner made it very exciting as well from both a creative and marketing stand point.”

While the series has come to an end, that doesn’t mean it’s done for good. Loeb stressed that he would welcome Hawley back in a heartbeat if the creator felt there was more of a story to tell down the road.

“As to the future, that world and those characters will always be there. It’s our hope that Noah will want to return to them is any capacity he thinks is worth telling. FX remains a huge priority for us because we can tell those unexpected stories there and John Landgraf is something of a visionary himself. They “get” us and we “get” them. We like all of that.”

While it seems unlikely that we’ll see ‘Legion’ make a return to the small screen, anything is possible. Noah did a fantastic job at bringing the character to life on FX and while his story is currently complete, fans will hope that doesn’t mean it has indeed come to an end.

Did you enjoy the series finale of ‘Legion’? Do you feel that we could see the character come back in the future in any capacity? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Deadline