SPOILER AHEAD! Turn back now if you plan on diving into the new ‘Star Wars’ coming with a clean slate!

Apparently there is more to Captain Han Solo of the Millenium Falcon than we ever imaged, which is especially odd after almost 40 years of storytelling with the character. Back in issues #4 of the new ‘Star Wars’ comic, writer Jason Aaron first showed us a mysterious hooded and cloaked figure looking for Han Solo in Mos Eisley, the type of character that is not that unusual in a ‘Star Wars’ story, except we never got to see the character’s face or get her name. We did get to see her take out a group of Rodian thugs using a voice-activated blaster hidden under a table, which of course was a call-back to Han Solo and his dealing with Greedo in ‘A New Hope.’ Now, in the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ #6, we finally get to see the character without the mask, which the artist, John Cassaday, details below in the following panels:

And there is: Han Solo is MARRIED. Let’s not forget that according to Lucasfilm and Disney, everything that happens in these comics is 100% Canon, which means that this is not some comic plot point that can be ignored later. Han Solo was married going into ‘A New Hope,’ potentially is still married during his affair with Leia during ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi,’ all of which casts a new light on the character. The reveal comes in the last panel of the comic as Sana tracks Han and Leia down to a deserted planet, so we do not yet know the full context of the revelation, or any more information outside of the announcement and Han’s “Oh no” dialogue. Of course, most people are guessing this is either some ruse by the woman who is not actually his wife, a legal term (i.e. they married in some sort of scam, and now she uses the term almost as a joke), or else she really is his wife and will most likely be killed off in the near future, leaving Han free and clear to get together with Leia.

What are your thoughts on Han Solo the husband, and potential adulterer? Does this in any way change your perception of the character? Do you think there is a legitimate story reason for this reveal, or was it merely shock value to sell comics? Sounds off in the comments below!

SOURCE: ComicBookResources.com, IO9