Seth Rogen May Play The Seven's "Agent Coulson" In 'The Boys' Season Two

Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ looks to be a resounding hit.  Its Rotten Tomatoes critics score is a Certified Fresh 81% and its audience score is an even better 94%.  It has already been renewed for a second season.  The show is based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which were published from 2006-12, and was a lampoon of mainstream superhero comics, politics, and celebrity culture.  The TV show arrives at a frightening time, when the real world has grown closer to the ridiculous reality spoofed in the comics, just years before.  The TV adaptation was developed by Eric Kripke, who executive produces along with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who also EP AMC’s ‘Preacher’, also based on an Ennis comic.  And if Kripke gets his way, Rogen will appear onscreen in Season Two.

While ‘The Boys’ takes jabs at both Marvel and DC comics, the first season mainly showcased the Seven, a clear pastiche of DC’s Justice League.  But one swipe is definitely aimed at Marvel– the Vought Cinematic Universe– a series of big-budget popcorn flicks which help sell these corporate “heroes” to the public.


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In fact, Rogen actually did make a cameo in Season One, as himself, co-starring in the film ‘Black Noir Insurrection’, featuring the Seven’s silent but deadly Batman stand-in.  You can watch that below:

Kripke wants Rogen to return in Season Two in another faux cinematic cameo.  As he told EW:

“In season 2, we’re filming a movie within a [show] called ‘Dawn of the Seven’, and we’re all talking about wouldn’t it be great if Seth was one of the main characters of that movie, he was like the Agent Coulson of the group? If his schedule is clear, we’ll do that.”

Rogen is a known comic book fanatic, but his foray into superhero flicks, 2011’s ‘The Green Hornet’, was a disaster.  He recently made a cameo of sorts in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, although he may not have known about it beforehand.  An animated version of Rogan appears on a poster advertising a fictional comedy movie called ‘Hold Your Horses’.

Well, speaking of that, if you’re a fan of Amazon’s ‘The Boys’, you’ll have to ‘Hold Your Horses’, because Season Two isn’t expected to arrive until next year.