Let Greg Russo Make A 'Bioshock' Movie

One of the largest games to be released in the last couple of decades which would really translate well into film is ‘Bioshock‘ and we’ve just learned that ‘Mortal Kombat’ writer Greg Russo wants to tackle the franchise. Russo is currently involved in multiple video game adaptions including both the ‘Resident Evil’ reboot and ‘Saints Row’ which could give him a unique perspective on how to bring the property to life.

For those of you who might recall, a ‘Bioshock’ movie was in the works in 2008, Universal Studios never was able to get it fully off the ground. While Gore Verbinski was set to direct it based on a script by John Logan, the entire project fell through due to budget issues.

According to Russo:

“I would love to figure out a way to do BioShock, and I’ve tried. I’ve been like elbowing everybody I can possibly find because I think I have a really awesome way to do it that would be really fun. And bring the horror of it to the forefront and hopefully keep the budget at a manageable price. But yeah, that’s one that I’d absolutely adore, that be a lot of fun to work on.”

‘Bioshock’ is a unique take on our world that has three unique games out that could each be told as its own story or be expanded to really flesh out a cinematic world. The plots, cinematics, twists, and world-building were top-notch and would allow for a movie that could capture the imagination of audiences everywhere.

Would you love to see a ‘Bioshock’ film actually go into production? Do you think that Greg Russo might be the man to bring it to life? IF a ‘Bioshock’ film did happen which of the videogames in the franchise would you like to see them adapt first? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Comic Book