Despite some mixed reviews (including our own reviews here at, Sony Pictures’ and director Marc Webb’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ slammed into box offices these past few days and took the top record spot for the highest Tuesday opening in movie history.

The film, starring British actor Andrew Garfield in the title role, started its rise by bringing in $7.5 million on the early Monday night / Tuesday morning midnight showings. Then Tuesday morning matinees saw another $9.3 million. When that happened, some analysts were expecting that ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ would bring in another $9 to $10 million for the day having a total opener of about $25 million.

But the wall-crawler trumped even those hopeful estimates. As of the close last night, Deadline announced that the film managed to haul in an astounding $35 million, making it the number one Tuesday opening. It took the top spot previously held by the July 3rd Tuesday opening of the original ‘Transformers’.

Of course, the 3D premium pricing helped those numbers, especially since the first ‘Transformers’ film was only shown in 2D. Also, some rival movie distributors are saying that they believe the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ final tally is closer to $32 million. Either way, it’s still a darn good opening for a movie that a lot of fans and movie-goers were questioning with it’s reboot angle after the last ‘Spider-Man’ movie franchise ended a mere five years ago.

Despite some bad reviews, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ still has a 72% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is sure to bring in a lot more cash before its official opening week is over.