Lauren Shuler Donner Probably Won't Be Involved With The MCU Mutants

Ever since Disney bought all of the Fox properties, we knew that the “X-Men” were going to end up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One person who won’t be joining them is longtime producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Not everyone might recognize Donner’s name, but she has had more time invested in the X-Men than nearly anyone else. Every film and television series which has included Professor X’s team since the 2000 release of the live-action ‘X-Men’ has had Donner attached as a producer.

That being said, her interaction with the cinematic side of the franchise has drastically dropped ever since creative differences broke out over the direction of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘ and beyond. Since that time, she has still heavily been involved in the television shows but hasn’t had many interactions with the films. Notably, she hadn’t even watched ‘Dark Phoenix’ over a month after it had been released in theaters due to how she has distanced herself from that part of the franchise.


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So with the ‘X-Men’ getting a fresh coat of paint when they are introduced into the MCU, one might think Donner could return. She, however, doesn’t believe that will be the case:

“X-Men now belongs to Disney, and it’s in their capable hands. That’s really up to Kevin Feige. He started out with me. I trust him. I think whatever he does, it won’t be right away. I think he’s already dealing with the plan that he set in motion for the other Marvel universe. But, I will not be involved most probably. I’ll be a friend of the court.”

It sounds as if Donner is a fan of what Feige has done but doesn’t believe that she will be part of what he helps create.

Do you hope that any of the creative team from Fox such as Lauren Shuler Donner can work on Marvel Studios’ take on mutants? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: /Film