Henry Cavill Talks About How They Made The Look Of Geralt In 'The Witcher'

Fans of ‘The Witcher‘ have a very specific idea of what Geralt should look like in the series and Henry Cavill (‘Man of Steel’) has shared how they ensured the look would be just right. While many fans of the series are coming from the video games, we know that showrunner Lauren S Hissrich plans on staying true to its roots and follow the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski.


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Cavill shared the details originally on Entertainment Tonight while San Diego Comic-Con 2019 was in full swing:

“We have the description in the book, and Lauren [S. Hissrich, The Witcher’s showrunner,] and I went through many conversations via email and phone before we even met for the third time, because we had a first meeting, then an audition, and then we saw each other on location. We were just it was all about eyes and hair, and the hair took a long time — we had to get the wig right — which took some amazing work by Jackie, who […] does my hair work.

It was tricky. We had to get the skin tone right as well, and Alva who does my makeup worked really hard on that and just found that right balance. We went through plenty of tests […], and we finally settled on something which I think we were all really happy with.

Wearing the contacts was one thing, you had to wear them for three hours at a time, and then take them out. So it was… I look really badass, but my eyes hurt a little bit. But it definitely helps you get into character. When you’re wearing all that getup, it’s just a short step to Geralt from there.”

It sounds like the contacts, in particular, might not have been the most comfortable part of getting ready for the role; thankfully, Cavill is no stranger in wearing costumes on set. Hopefully, over time, he’ll get used to them, or they’ll become more comfortable as Netflix is rumored to have already given the series the green light to develop multiple seasons.


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You can hear what Cavill had to say about becoming Geralt in his own words right here:

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘The Witcher’? Do you feel that Henry Cavill is going to be able to give us a perfect take on Geralt? Share your thoughts in the comments below!