Of course, the capper of ‘The Walking Dead’s SDCC panel was the unveiling of the Season 10 trailer.  What can fans expect from the upcoming season?  The tense truce between the survivors of Alexandria and The Whisperers comes to an end.  It was previously revealed that the war between these two factions will play out in a way much different than the war with Negan’s Saviors.  Following the brutal conclusion to Season 9, Carol is anxious to bring the fight, muttering “Bitch has to die,” in reaction to Alpha’s beheading of Ben.

But perhaps it’s Negan who puts it best:

“The boogeyman just stuck his gnarly skin-covered mask out from behind that closet door, and people are putting their sh–ting pants back on.”

And speaking of Negan, perhaps with Rick gone (and Michonne leaving), the foul-mouth alpha (not to be confused with Alpha) is no longer locked up and looks to be taking a larger role as the story unfolds.


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Check out the trailer below, and be prepared for the shocks to come… especially toward the end.


The trailer announces the release date of Season 10– September 6.


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But the biggest jaw-dropper might be the shot of Michonne kissing Ezekiel.  She is shown still mothering Judith, the daughter of her former lover Rick.  It doesn’t look like that much time has passed, as Rosita’s baby is still a baby.  Well, I’m sure it will make sense.  Don’t fall in love with this pairing however, because we already know Michonne won’t be around long.

For a show as grim as ‘The Walking Dead’, the trailer ends in an adorable exchange between Daryl and Carol that… I don’t know, will this make people ship them more or does this effectively squash any idea of them as a romantic couple?

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 kicks off on AMC on September 6.  Expect more clips and news as that date gets closer.