We’re waist deep in convention season and things are heating up! Anyone who has ever been to a comic convention will tell you, there isn’t any other experience out there quite like it! Huge groups of like-minded people gathering into a few big rooms to celebrate their various fandoms make every comic convention the event of the season for pop culture fans! While a number of people attend conventions to track down their favorite collectibles or meet some of the big name celebrity guests, a huge portion of the convention attendees are there entirely to show off their best new costumes! That’s right, we’re talking about cosplayers! All throughout the year and almost every convention all over the world, cosplayers turn out in droves to showcase their chosen art form of costume making. These people pour weeks of their lives into getting all of the details just right to ensure they’ve got the perfect costume.

This weekend we were live at The Great Philly Comic Con 2018 to find some of the best Cosplay this convention had to offer! Taking place at the gigantic Expo Center in Oaks, PA (about 40 minutes outside of Center City Philadelphia) The Great Philly Comic Con is still a relatively new convention that has gone above and beyond to earn it’s place in the pantheon of “must go” convention events of the east coast United States! As always, The Great Philadelphia Comic Con featured some amazing costumes this year, including fan favorites from Star Wars, G.I. Joe, DC Comics, Game Of Thrones, The Avengers, and more! Check out part one of our two-part Cosplay Gallery from The Great Philly Comic Con 2018 below!

Alien Xenomorph & Newt

Ash Williams


Big Barda

Black Widow


Claire Redfield & Jill Valentine

DC Bombshells

Harley Quinn


The Hulk

Iron Man

Jurassic Park Scientiest

Logray The Ewok


Mother Of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen

Optimus Prime


Poison Ivy

Red Robin, Robin, & Nightwing

The Riddler

Sailor Moon

The Scarecrow



Snake Eyes & Darth Nihilus

Starlord & Drax

Super Soldier

The Penguin



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