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Actor Donal Logue, best known for his long-running sitcom ‘Grounded For Life’ as well as playing character roles in a number of other series and movies, most recently ‘Sons of Anarchy’, has been offered the role of Detective Harvey Bullock on FOX’s Batman-related drama ‘Gotham’.  It had previously been reported that he was actually offered the role of James Gordon, but that was proven to be incorrect.  In a twist, Bullock with serve as Gordon’s mentor.

Besides Commissioner Gordon, Bullock is Gotham City’s most recognized police officers, shown as being overweight and disheveled. He was originally depicted as a corrupt cop, accepting bribes and working for organized crime.  He later turned over a new leaf, and at least for a while, he was retconned as having been a good cop from the start, but depictions of anyone in the Batverse vary wildly depending on the writer.  On ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ he gained a partner, uniformed officer Renee Montoya, who was popular enough to be brought into the comics.  William Hootkins played the role in ‘Batman’ (1989).

LatinoReview first announced Logue’s possible participation, but later clarified:

FANBOY NATION! I have an update on the Donal Logue/Gotham story. I was wrong. My bad. He actually got offered DET HARVEY BULLOCK.

Following this, the site’s scoop El Mayimbe had a brief Twitter exchange with Logue:

.@donallogue Hey. My bad. Sorry for the confusion. Looking forward to you hopefully playing Det. Harvey Bullock. That would be dope!

@elmayimbe ha! No problem. It’s only bad if they ain’t talking about you

No indication on whether Logue would actually take on the role, although he’d definitely be great as Bullock.

This is thr first bit of casting news we’ve gotten, so more will surely emerge as they get closer to production.  What do you think?  Is Donal Logue a good choice or is there someone else you’d like to see in the role?

Source: Geek Tyrant