Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero will no longer be trapped in ‘The Room’ but instead, are sharing their voices on a galactic scale in a new animated series called ‘SpaceWorld.’ The new series was both created and written by Brock LaBorde with animation from Lowbrow Studios. Joining Wiseau as TX and Sestero as Drogol will be Brock Laborde as Computer Person, Akul Dang as Sherbert Brown, Georgia Smith as Worfus, and Mikey Felton as Bleebee.

Octopie is set to distribute the new series though it wasn’t clear from the initial details if they’re planning to release it through a streaming service or have a deal in place with any networks. The company has previously worked with both Robert Rodriguez and the Russo Brothers, so it should be able to secure some form or distribution for ‘SpaceWorld.’

The show will be an animated science fiction series that is “loosely serialized.” We’ll be following Wiseau ‘s TX who is a bounty hunter that is searching the galaxy for his home planet. The only problem is that he knows absolutely nothing about it. Sestero’s Drogol won’t be helping out TX as he is actually his greatest enemy and the “most bloodthirsty killer” in SpaceWorld.

You can check out the ‘SpaceWorld’ trailer right here:


This is a series that will take down its hair, kicks off its boots, and lets itself be straight-up dumb. With Wiseau and Sestero involved, you could already expect a fun level of absurdity. The trailer looks like they’ve ramped up the goofiness level to the max and injected a bit more in for good measure.

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Source: Deadline