Robert Rodriguez

Ever since Marvel Studios pulled off the Marvel Cinematic Universe every franchise out there has wanted to launch one themselves, but now it looks like Robert Rodriguez could have been building one for years. We’ve seen Rodriguez work on multiple films over the years from his Mexico Trilogy to Spy Kids and even the Machete films, but what if they all take place in the same world?

What many have thought of as Easter Eggs between the films could be linking these films together. At this point there hasn’t even been a hint at something like an ‘Avengers’ styled crossover but what if it were to happen?

According to Rodriguez:

“I have [thought about that] very many times for different mediums. Yeah, for sure. You may see something soon! I’ve definitely been aware of the connections all the characters could have in that world, in their own range of kind of larger than life superheroes. I definitely have been looking at it in the comic world. There was a comic company that wanted to do something with me, and I suggested that very thing, and they love that idea.”

While it doesn’t sound like a film is in the works to bring all of these actors and characters together, a comic might very well be. We’ve also long suspected that much of his work falls into the same category as the Tarantino-verse which is largely tied together. That could further bring in films such as ‘From Dusk Till Dawn‘, the two movies in ‘Grindhouse’ and even Tarantino’s other work if he was on board.

As to what could be holding up this idea, Robert Rodriguez doesn’t mention anything about rights but a problem that plagues all of us:

“Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day for all the fun stuff to do! But there’s definitely another medium that might even be better than that. So we’ll definitely keep in touch about that, because that’s really a cool idea, and it’s also a lot of fun how these things can cross-pollinate.”

If rights aren’t an issue, this is a set of comics that many fans would likely be eager to pick up. Even without the references to Tarantino’s work, there could be a fun set of movies to have a chance to explore further.

Would you be interested in reading comics that tied Robert Rodriguez’s various works together? Would the inclusion of Tarantino’s make it even more fun or unnecessary for you? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend