It is most probable that I am one of the giddiest writers plying his trade at this very moment.

I am a very big fan of Jaime Murray (‘Dexter’, ‘Spartacus’); I am also a considerable devotee of Gareth David Lloyd (‘Torchwood’). I now see where the idea for an H. G. Wells spin-off originated; it was as a splendid glimpse into the future when everything had fallen into place and the series had been green-lit.

There are questions as to whether the H. G. Wells series would work, well, Faithful Followers I am here to tell you now… if Jaime Murray and Gareth David Lloyd costar, it most assuredly will prosper.

It begins this fantastical episode of ‘Warehouse 13’ in 1893 inLondon, somewhere near Warehouse 12 in the dawning of morning. An English gentleman happens upon someone he believes to be a colleague. Mere moments later, a strange sound and odd waves of energy reduce the man to dust before our very eyes.

1962, in Greenbury, Ohio, an avid ornithologist makes an odd discovery in a barn, where he too is beset by the very same sound and energy burst. We find ourselves in present day Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where a billboard worker becomes yet another victim of this bizarre phenomenon.

The Team is gathered in ‘Warehouse 13’ where they are “discussing” the need for H. G. Wells’ help on this particular case. Our beloved Pete Lattimer in none too happy with seeing her again – I suppose her attempt to destroy the world would be a bit of a bugger.

As luck would have it, our luck, not Pete’s mind you, Helena does in fact know of this particular artifact and is able and willing to help. As the scene changes back to 1890’s London, Helena descends the stairs in ravishing London style. Enter Wooley, (Gareth) who informs H. G. of another “curiosity,” which as we may imagine is most likely an artifact.

They proceed on to the case in a scene straight out of a series not yet made. The artifact in question is “The Horn of Jericho” with a blast of air that pulverizes anything in its path. As it turns out, Helena was working on a rocket to the moon and the project was used by a former colleague to carry out his dastardly plan for Queen and Country.

While investigating the modern whereabouts of said artifact, comes one of the most hilarious scenes to date in Warehouse 13. As Pete and Myka are inPittsburg, speaking to Artie and Claudia on the Farnsworth, Pete spills mustard onto his screen. He attempts to clean up the mess with his tongue… which makes for a disturbing scene from Artie’s point of view.

“We may as well have a dog.” Artie says.

“We kinda DO.” quips Claudia, which made me nearly choke on my Mountain Dew.

Daniel, a reclusive professor and member of SETI, is planning to use the Horn to attack the “aliens” who he believes abducted his Father, who actually fell victim to the artifact. H. G. redeems herself by talking him down.

All in all, one of my top five favorite ‘Warehouse 13’ episodes, and I highly recommend it, especially after finding out that Eureka was cancelled. A moment of silence, Faithful Followers, for the cast we grew to love…

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