Hulk And Black Widow

While we all saw that Bruce Banner was devastated by the loss of Natasha in ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ it irked some fans that we never saw the two address their past in their final feature together. It is easy to imagine that Bruce may have been a little preoccupied when he first returned, however, there were five years between the final two Avengers films which the two could have rekindled or moved past their previous relationship.

With Black Widow effectively being a superhero on the run during this period of time, her life had also been significantly altered. While Romanoff has had a lifetime of training to have not let attachments get to her, we all know she had changed by the time she had made her sacrifice in ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ So what happened between the two? We’ll never really know, but one could easily imagine that it somehow played into why Banner ended up merging his Bruce and Hulk sides together.

The reason that the movie never dealt with it though, according to McFeely, is that “we thought it would be more elegant not to address that.”


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Markus chimed in that with Banner as Smart Hulk in this movie, “it did seem a little odd, in the midst of everyone’s mourning and his change to a 2000-pound genius, to go, ‘and they’re dating!'”

McFeely really fleshed out their thinking by sharing that when it came to addressing the romance between the two that:

“We certainly tried to. In Infinity War we have [unused] scenes…wrote ’em, shot ’em …of them sort of hashing that out… You’ve been gone, I’ve moved on’ – that kind of stuff… It became very clear that if a scene was not on the ‘A plot,’ it could not survive Infinity War. That thing has to be on rails just to get to the finish line… You couldn’t wrap up loose threads just because you wanted to.”

Both movies were already packed with threads of the plot required to move the story forward so adding in the additional pieces would have been great for fans but likely would have ruined the pacing of what were already turning into rather lengthy experiences.

Do you wish that Hulk and Black Widow had a moment together in either of these two films or are you glad things played out as they did? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Comic Book