Amy Pascal Implies That A 'Black Cat' Movie Is Still In The Works At Sony

Sony producer Amy Pascal has teased that a ‘Black Cat’ film is still in the works.  This project has been kicking around for a couple of years now, but there has been little buzz of late.  But during an interview with Screen Rant, Pascal stated:

“That’s a good question. I like Black Cat a lot, I think she is a really great character. We had her a little bit in the Amazing [Spider-Man] movie, but she’s kind of that character that we didn’t really turn into the Black Cat yet. I think that’s a really great character… We’re still working on that. I think we have plans for that”.

Felicity Jones appeared in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ as the Black Cat’s alter ego, Felicia Hardy, with plans for her to adopt the Black Cat identity in sequels, but those never came to be.  In 2017, it was announced that the character would headline a movie called ‘Silver & Black’, along with global adventurer Silver Sable.  Christopher Yost was announced as writing it with Gina Prince-Bythewood later signing on to direct.  Production was supposed to begin in 2018 but was put on indefinite hold.  It was scheduled to shoot in 2019, but in August 2018, Sony proclaimed that the team-up had been scrapped and that its two leads would instead get their own movies.  Prince-Bythewood is expected to produce both, but is now unlikely to direct either.


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The issue with ‘Silver & Black’ was reportedly that the two characters had nothing in common and Sony had been unable to make them work together.  Silver Sable is a globetrotting mercenary, while Black Cat is a character that started as a cat burglar in New York City, but who has more typically acted as a hero.  Her romantic relationship with Spider-Man was unique because she was only interested in him as Spider-Man and recoiled in horror when he took off his mask to reveal that he was just an ordinary guy underneath.

Sony, in collaboration with Disney/Marvel Studios, is set to release ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ next week.  A sequel to ‘Venom’ is in the works, and ‘Morbius’ starring Jared Leto is now filming.  Neither of those films is part of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s unclear if they even share a universe with ‘Spider-Man’.  Whenever it gets made– if it gets made– ‘Black Cat’ also probably won’t be part of the MCU.

What do you think?  Do you still want to see a ‘Black Cat’ movie?