green goblin silver and black

SPOILER/RUMOR ALERT: This article contains information which could be considered SPOILERS for the movie ‘Silver & Black’.  However, this is all RUMOR at this point, so take any info with a grain of salt.

The legal labyrinth that is the collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios keeps getting more twisted.  Just days ago, as it stood, the understanding was that the two studios would share Spider-Man and Spider-Man only.  While Sony announced plans to build upon ‘Homecoming’ with ‘Venom’ and ‘Silver & Black’, ‘Homecoming’ was where the connection stopped.  There would be no greater ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Spider-Man would be the only character to go between these two separate worlds.

But it seems that Sony wants to leave that door open a bit further.  The latest word is that ‘Silver & Black’ will utilize one of the Marvel Universe’s most notorious villains– and THE biggest Spidey villain– in an effort to more closely connect to the MCU– Norman Osborn.

Reportedly, Osborn won’t physically appear in ‘Silver & Black’– “at this early stage, his role will be just voice only.”  Osborn will be in communication with Oscorp executive Charles Standish, who serves as a liaison between Osborn and Mendel Stromm (aka Gaunt or Robot Master), the major villain in this movie.  For whatever reason, Osborn wants Black Cat captured and orders Stromm, whose scientific work is funded by Oscorp, to track her down, which is where the other announced villains– The Tarantula, Scorpion, Chameleon and Tombstone— come in, as operatives for Stromm and Oscorp, all powered by Stromm’s cybernetic enhancements.

Word has it that the reason Osborn won’t appear in the flesh is because Marvel Studios may utilize him in their movies and want to cast whomever they want in the role.  (A few years ago, Matthew McConaughey‘s name popped up as a possible candidate, but the character hasn’t yet appeared in the current movies.)

While he is best known for being the Green Goblin, over the past decade or so, Osborn has not utilized that cackling, bat-rocket riding guise, but has instead become the Marvel Universe’s answer to Lex Luthor; a rich, powerful businessman and political figure.  He has become a much more significant player in the larger Marvel Comics Universe in stories such as ‘Secret Invasion’– a name that has been thrown around a lot as a possible theme for the MCU to follow post-Thanos in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.  He also adopted the identity of Iron Patriot, a role James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) has used in the films.  As Iron Patriot, Osborn formed his own team of Avengers with super villains masquerading as heroes.

We all know that certain Marvel actors including Robert Downey Jr.and Chris Evans have one foot out the door when it comes to the MCU.  It seems they (and others) have fulfilled their contractual obligations and are ready to move on.  The Osborn switcheroo may be able to play into that, whenever that day arrives.

As stated, this is just a rumor, but Osborn could make for a great Big Bad for the MCU and couldn’t be more different from galactic despot Thanos.  The Marvel movies keep getting grander in scope, so using Osborn as a villain could bring things back to Earth, while at the same time, broadening Spider-Man’s world beyond Brooklyn.

What do you think?  Would you like to see Norman Osborn in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Should they just bite the bullet and make the MCU and Spidey-verse one?