Warner Brothers has had a ‘Lobo’ movie in the works since 2009, well before the establishment of the “DC Extended Universe,” as some refer to their shared universe of theatrical flicks.  While that is reportedly still in development, the Main Man may get his chance to shine on the small screen first.  Syfy is developing a series about the Czarnian bounty hunter, based on Emmett J. Scanlan‘s portrayal on ‘Krypton’ Season 2.  ‘Krypton’ executive producer Cameron Welsh is developing ‘Lobo’, which he will also executive produce and write.  As of now, it looks as though Scanlan’s Lobo will only appear in one episode of ‘Krypton’.

Lobo was born on the peaceful planet Czarnia, where he was an anomaly and during his teenage years, he murdered the planet’s entire population.  Though he was introduced in 1983, he didn’t really take off until the ’90s when anti-heroes, in general, soared in popularity.  The character’s first media appearance was on ‘Superman: The Animated Series’ in 1996.  He has since appeared in numerous animated projects and video games.

Upon last report, Michael Bay was being courted to direct a ‘Lobo’ movie, but only if he can deliver it for under $200 million.  The most recent script was penned by Jason Fuchs.  ‘Lobo’ had previously been linked to Guy Ritchie, then Joel Silver (producer) and Brad Peyton (director), who were in negotiations with Dwayne Johnson to star.  Johnson has, of course, moved on to a different DC project, ‘Black Adam’ centering on a different anti-hero.

Syfy certainly has a few openings in its schedule, as it just axed ‘Happy!’ and ‘Deadly Class’, following the previous cancellations of ‘Nightflyers’‘Channel Zero’‘Z Nation’, and ‘Killjoys’, which airs its final season this summer.

The first season of ‘Krypton’ can be streamed on DC Universe and Amazon Prime.  The new season kicks off on June 12.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter