Another of Robert Kirkman‘s creations is being adapted as Universal Pictures and Skybound have inked a deal to deliver a feature film of ‘Oblivion Song.’ While only 15-issues are out to date, a script has been written for a film by Sean O’Keefe. The writer is well versed in Kirkman’s work as he previously sold a script to Netflix based on the comic creator’s ‘Spenser’ series.

Kirkman, David Alpert, Bryan Furst, and Sean Furst will be producers for Skybound with Universal Studios Executive Vice president of Production Jon Mone and Director of Development Lexi Barta taking care of things on Universal’s end.


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The comics give us a world not far in the future where 300,000 Philadelphian citizens vanished into oblivion. We’ve seen the government give up on trying to rescue them but follow Nathan Cole who has not only returned to the barren landscape of Philadelphia but has found ways to try and save those who have been lost. However, it quickly becomes evident to readers that Cole has an ulterior motive.

Kirkman has had a great run on his properties in recent years after the success of ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC with the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ spinoff series already a few seasons in and multiple offshoots including a set of Rick Grimes films being worked on, ‘Outcast‘ on Cinemax, the ambitious ‘5 Year‘ project, and ‘Invincible‘ developing over at Amazon.

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Source: Deadline