Make sure your seatbelt is fastened and bring your seats to their upright position because a new flying thriller will be in production soon! Word has it that the movie ’7500’ has now cast 3 of its lead roles.

Leslie Bibb (‘Iron Man’, ‘Zookeeper’) will be joining Ryan Kwanten (Jason in ‘True Blood’) and Amy Smart (‘Butterfly Effect’, ‘Mirrors’) in ‘7500’, a new movie written by Craig Rosenberg (‘Lost’).  Kwanten and Smart are cast a Brad and Pia Martin, a married couple who board Vista Pacific Flight 7500 with two longtime friends. Bibb is a flight attendant, Laura Baxter, who is also involved in a complicated and secret relationship.

‘7500’ is one of the many high profile projects that Lionsgate is pitching this week at the American Film Market in Santa Monica in hopes to find a domestic and international buyer. Here is their official synopsis of the movie:

“After a passenger mysteriously dies on Flight 7500, those remaining on board begin experiencing frightening supernatural phenomena and are left to wonder if they’re next.”

The movie will be directed and produced by the same team that brought the horror  genre ‘The Grudge’ film franchise with Takashi Shimizu directing and Taka Ichise and Roy Lee (‘The Ring’) producing. With this group and their collective experience in the supernatural realm, this could be one freaky trans-Atlantic flight!