Summoner's War

Fan’s of ‘Summoner’s War’ have something incredible to look forward to as it has been revealed that Robert Kirkman of ‘The Walking Dead’ fame is planning on adapting the video game into multiple outlets through his Skybound Entertainment banner. The news comes while fans are still catching their breath after the Summoners’ War World Arena Championship Americas Cup! Kirkman is set to bring the game into the world of comics, an animated series, and potentially even more as well!

Also joining in production will be Skybound North Entertainment CEO Catherine Winder (‘Angry Birds,’ ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars.’) The entire idea came together at San Diego Comic-Con when the teams from Com2us and Skybound Entertainment met.

You can check out Robert Kirkman talking about the project here:


As stated by the production team, the game is set in a fantasy universe which is ripe to have its stories told in a more extended format. The game itself is quite open-ended and has “over 1,000 unique characters” which can be used. It isn’t quite as series as ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ and will be a more lighthearted fantasy that can be enjoyed.

It hasn’t been made clear if the animation mentioned by the development team will be a cartoon, animated film, or web series. With both “Online Programming” and “Film & TV” on the board, my guess is that this animated series might be targeting a streaming service when it is ready for release.

To put their plan together, we learned from Kista Kelloway that the team is creating a “Universe Bible” which is “taking some key narrative from the game, building out those characters and creating a whole world that can then expand into a comic book, into, hopefully, an animated series. Maybe a feature film in the future. It’s a lot of stuff going on.”

‘Summoner’s War’ is a universe that Skybound Entertainment could grow for years to come with ongoing story arcs and investigating different parts of the world which have been built up by the game.

Are you looking forward to checking out an adaptation of ‘Summoner’s War’? Do you think that Robert Kirkman is the perfect choice to handle the project? Which of the projects do you feel sounds most exciting? Share your thoughts in the comments below!