It looks like not everything Robert Kirkman touches turns to gold as Cinemax has just cancelled ‘Outcast‘ after two seasons. The network is allowing the current season to run its course through June but at that point, the series is slated to come to an end. When the show started, Kirkman had stated that the series was “a passion project of mine for many years” though it sounds as if viewers didn’t agree with this sentiment. It likely didn’t help that Cinemax isn’t known for horror or comic adaptations as their major hits have been ‘The Knick,’ ‘Banshee,’ and ‘Strike Back.’

With long production times and a high budget, the network has already seen the options for the cast having expired and to continue the series would mean a rather significant investment which shifts away from their current programming strategy. Cinemax was asked about the series recently and shared that “There are no further plans for ‘Outcast’ at this time.”

Between the cost and not even airing the completed second season until two years after the first one had wrapped, it was hard to win over audiences who had already initially been on the fence about the series. On top of that, the production company Fox International Studios who had been behind the series is a division which no longer exists, meaning that a new one to take over the project would have to be found and that just wasn’t interesting to the network.

For those unfamiliar with the series, it starred Patrick Fugit “as a man plagued by possession.”  He keeps himself away from his friends and family though is unable to when evil appears to be coming into our world at an increased frequency.

While I had enjoyed the first season, I had forgotten it was even out with how long it had taken the sophomore outing to be released.

Do you wish that Cinemax hadn’t canceled ‘Outcast’? Is this a series which would be better served by being picked up by a streaming service? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter