It appears that Valiant Entertainment has teamed with “fan film” producers Bat In The Sun for a project, which looks to be a live action adaptation of its comic book heroes.

Former ‘Arrow’ star, Michael Rowe recently tweeted an image of his eyes announcing that he was working on a project with Valiant and used the hashtag “#ninja.”  Fans quickly surmised that he was playing Ninjak, a character whose face is completely covered except for his eyes.  And who is a ninja.

Valiant CEO Dinesh Shamdasani commented on the tweet and used the hashtag “#nycc2016,” indicating that a big announcement was coming at the event which takes place from October 7-9.  He also stated that the most popular ‘Power Ranger’, Jason David Frank and WWE wrestler John Morrison were involved in… whatever this project is.

Now, Frank posted a message to Instagram announcing his involvement with the Valiant and Bat In The Sun project:

“Booked a new show by Valiant Entertainment directed by Bat in the Sun. Big announcement at New York Comic Con.”

In the photo, Frank is shown wearing a Valiant jacket (okay, not really, it’s totally Photoshopped, but you get the idea).  The image announces that Frank will only be appearing and signing at the Valiant booth.  Frank is a huge draw all on his own at cons, so his presence is sure to draw a much larger crowd to the Valiant booth than normal.

Jesse Fresco in Bloodshot cosplay, from his Twitter.
Jesse Fresco in Bloodshot cosplay at SDCC, from his Twitter.

Frank referred to this project as a “show” meaning that it is probably a web series.

Frank already has a working relationship with Bat In The Sun, who produce a series with him called ‘My Morphin Life’.  He also appeared in their comedic ‘The Waiting Room’ series along with Johnny Yong Bosch.  Bat In The Sun also produces “fan films” featuring various characters from different companies.  Their videos are available on Youtube.

But back to Instagram, Frank began following Jesse Fresco, a Valiant fan known for his Bloodshot cosplay which he sports at conventions across the country.  Fresco announced via Instagram that Frank had started following him, which may be a hint as to who Frank might be portraying in this new web series.

Bloodshot is a former soldier with super strength, speed, agility and reflexes and regenerative abilities.  Could Frank step into his combat boots?

In addition, wrestler Morrison recently portrayed The Winter Soldier in Bat In The Sun’s film ‘Nightwing Vs. The Winter Soldier’, so he also has an established relationship with them.

Valiant has been trying to get a live action ‘Bloodshot’ project off the ground for years now, but so far nothing has materialized… until now perhaps.

More information as it materializes, but so far, what do you think?  Would you be interested in a Valiant web series with Rowe, Frank and Morrison?

Source: ComicBook.com