Jon Favreau Shares Not To Hope For An 'Iron Man 4' Anytime Soon

For those of you hoping that ‘Iron Man 4’ might be a movie in the works down the line that could find a replacement for Robert Downey Jr. as the iconic armored hero, you shouldn’t hold your breath. While not busy working on ‘The Mandalorian’ for Lucasfilm, director Jon Favreau still keeps in touch with all of his contacts at Marvel Studios and had confirmed that there are no plans in place for the movie.

Honestly, this isn’t too surprising with Tony Stark‘s fate in ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ but there are always ways to bring back the hero if not the character himself. Even if that idea might be being floated around by using War Machine or a younger version such as Ironheart or Ty Simpkins once again returning as Harley Keener from ‘Iron Man 3’, it isn’t something that is in the cards for now.

Not only is it too soon and would cheapen Stark’s death but according to Favreau:

“We haven’t talked about 4. I’ve talked to Kevin about it to see what they’re up to, but we definitely love working together, and we love these characters. So we talk about what it would be, and we always joke about the ‘Freak’ storyline, which is a Happy Hogan storyline when he turns into a Hulk-like character. We joke about that, though, no plans as of yet.”

While Favreau would likely be putting his life in danger by confirming such a movie was in pre-development, it just doesn’t feel right with what little we already know about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Thor is the only original Avenger who has a shot at having four solo outings at this point.

Are you happy to hear that Marvel Studios isn’t trying to shove an ‘Iron Man 4’ into production? If one was to happen down the line, who would you like to see take over as the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Screen Rant