It’s Valentine’s Day! And while I could write about the best loves stories or the romances I wish had happened, I’ve  decided to be far more esoteric and hopefully give IDW, the king of crossover comics, some ideas. It’s time to marry our favorite stories!

Here comes the crossovers!

‘SuperTremors’ (‘Tremors‘/ ‘Supernatural’)

I put this at the top of my list, if only because I’m convinced that the characters Burt and Heather Gummer, the militant couple with an entire military arsenal hidden in their basement were former hunters.

Imagine this, though. Sam and Dean come to the town of Perfection, Nevada, after reading about earthquakes in the area. After investigating some, they find some mysterious corpses (one of which is the dehydrated man on the telephone pole in the movie). On their way to do some research at the library in the nearby town of Bixby, they find a rockfall bars their exit. Now, they and the townspeople, have to figure out how to kill the sandworms before they kill them. And bad new boys, salt isn’t going to work. (OR WILL IT?)

Just thinking about it makes me excited!

‘X-Lock’ (‘Sherlock’ / ‘The X-Files‘)

For those who follow my other writings, I’ve spoken at great length about how ‘Sherlock’ has classic science fiction motifs, and has a lot of parallels to ‘The X-Files’. But this is not why I chose this particular crossover. Honestly,  I just like the idea because ‘Sherlock’ is basically the most Sculliest Scully to ever Scully. He’s rational, and logical, and if he had to solve the crime that involves witches actually using magic, it would not only make my day, year, and month. It would make my lifetime.

‘Bwilight’ (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘/ ‘Twilight‘)

Honestly, I have no reason for this other than I don’t like ‘Twilight’, and I’d like to see the sparkling vampires go up against Buffy. This may be my favorite crossover I’ve ever thought of.

Looks like someone beat me to the chase though:

Though technically, Edward only kills animals, so she probably wouldn’t stake him. Bummer. A girl can dream.

‘TIB’ (‘Torchwood‘/ ‘Men in Black‘)

To me, this would the best buddy cop movie ever created. The terminally useless alien-hunting team, Torchwood, would join up with the extremely effective MIB in a tale of hijinks with galactic consequences.

Better yet, the two teams both wipe each other’s minds while both trying to solve the same mystery about an alien invasion.

‘Pacific Rings’ (‘Pacific Rim‘ / ‘Lord of the Rings’)

Okay, hear me out before you close this tab.

Picture this: Pippin and Merry commanding a giant Ent in a battle against a Balrog.

Sold you, didn’t I?

‘Welcome to Eureka’ (‘Welcome to Nightvale‘/ ‘Eureka’)

‘Welcome to Night Vale’ is a nightly newscast from a town with very strange going-ons, some of which are constantly perturbing the only scientist, Carlos.

Carlos calls in for help from his scientist friends in Eureka, and they descend on the kooky town of Nightvale. Hijinks surely will ensue as Cecil describes the strange new immigrants who don’t understand the basic things, like a Farmer’s Market that sells no vegetables. And Sheriff Carter? Well, let’s just say he has a whole lot more trouble maintaining the law with the secret police getting in the way.

‘Hunger Men’ (‘The Hunger Games‘ / ‘The X-Men‘)

Imagine a world  after a mutant rebellion against the Capitol is crushed. Now the mutants from different districts have to give tribute to the Hunger Games. It’s the price they pay to live in the world and it’s a painful reminder of their place.

Not only would the story of oppression be in line with ‘The Hunger Games’, it would make for amazing fight scenes. And maybe we’d finally get to see Wolverine and Cyclops fight to the death.

‘Invader Dick’ (‘Invader Zim’ / ‘Third Rock from the Sun‘)

This one might be esoteric, but I enjoy the idea. Imagine the aliens, Dick and the Solomon family from ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’, were sent to Earth to conquer the planet and their nemesis was Dib, a small, school-aged child  with an obsession with conspiracy theory.

It would be four times as funny because it has four times the amount of stupid aliens. Yes. Perfect.

‘Doctor Frizzle’ (‘Doctor Who‘ / ‘The Magic School Bus’)

If you haven’t thought that maybe Ms. Frizzle is actually a Timelord, and her Magic Schoolbus is a TARDIS, you are not using your imagination enough!

Imagine being a student with a Timelord for a teacher. You would go to school everyday without complaint! Well, unless you’re Arnold. He never wanted to go anywhere.

‘Mysterious Lost’ (‘Lost‘ / ‘The Mysterious Island’ by Jules Verne)

Remember how everyone loved ‘Lost’, and then hated it because they claimed it didn’t give them enough answers? Cross it over with Jules Verne’s ‘The Mysterious Island’, and not only will all the mysteries of the island be solved, the answer to all of them will be awesome Captain Nemo (from ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’).

In the ‘Mysterious Island’, a group of prisoners from the Civil War find themselves cast away on an island where it seems to provide them everything they need, including explosives when pirates attack. Whereas in ‘Lost’, we may never find out how that happened, in the ‘Mysterious Island’, it is Captain Nemo, one of the most amazing characters in all of science fiction. He fought a giant squid, pirates, found Atlantis, and was the first man to reach the South Pole. Captain Nemo should be the answer to everything, at least instead of Jacob.

So what crossovers would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!