Clearly the damaged costume for Robin in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ was meant to be Jason Todd to match up with comic lore, right? Maybe not. Director Zack Snyder has been releasing a ton of details about his vision for the DCEU as of late and one eager commenter was asking if a Jason Todd related sub-plot had to be cut from the movie. This is where Snyder gave this surprising response:

“what makes you think that’s Jason Todd”

Mind. Blown. I’m sure everyone who witnessed the scene and is a fan of the comics felt that this had to be a reference to the iconic ‘A Death in the Family’ story arc. For those who don’t read comics, this tale had The Joker capturing Jason Todd who was another orphan that Bruce Wayne took under his wing to be The Boy Wonder. In the original story, the Clown Prince of Crime beat Robin to death, and this seemed to be a homage to that arc.

The arc also fits particularly well in the mostly darker DCEU which has been crafted so far.

With a ‘Nightwing‘ movie in pre-production, it seems unlikely that Dick Grayson was the one wearing that outfit which could point to any of the alternate Robins from the comics such as Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, or even Carrie Kelly.

It is hard to say what direction Snyder was pushing to have this plot thread go if it wasn’t actually Jason Todd. We do know that a tour guide at Warner Bros at one point had stated that this was Todd’s suit though it was never confirmed or denied by the studio as to whether he was correct or just a person whose fandom had him throw the detail in.

Do you believe that Zack Snyder was just trolling fans and this is actually Jason Todd’s outfit? If not Todd, which Robin do you think was last seen wearing this uniform? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Vero