Kylo Ren Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

While ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ might not have followed the plans which J.J. Abrams had laid out in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ it seems that at least Kylo Ren’s story is going to end up as intended. The news came from Adam Driver in a recent interview about the upcoming blockbuster ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ which will close out the entire Skywalker Saga at the end of this year.


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It isn’t clear if there were any speedbumps that Abrams had to overcome to make this tale a reality – especially with how Rian Johnson told his chapter – but the “overall arc” of his character is going to end up as intended.

According to Driver:

“I knew little bits from my first meeting with J.J. An overall arc was very, not vague, the opposite, it was very clear—[there was] an end in sight even from the very beginning. The details obviously hadn’t been worked out, but we had talked about the very thing that we’d been working towards with this last one.”

While fleshing out the story and character, we know that Abrams worked with co-writer Chris Terrio but also reached out to George Lucas, Lawrence Kasdan, and Johnson for input. According to Abrams, his decision to do this was so that “If a kid is watching all nine movies, he or she sees this one path, this inevitability and that’s the challenge of this movie.”


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It is easy to make a guess as to where Ren could end up in the next film though, with so many options, one has to wonder what conclusion will make it feel “inevitability” for future showings. If he survives, you have to wonder if this is a character we might see returning in future films or even Disney+.

Are you excited to see Kylo Ren’s full story told as J.J. Abrams had envisioned? What do you think will happen to Adam Driver’s character in the final film of the Skywalker Saga? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Vanity Fair