Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack from Supernatural

‘Supernatural’s 15-year-long journey will come to an end next season, and they’re going out with a massive bang!  At the upfronts for The CW, a new synopsis reveals that the Winchesters will face off against a force they can’t possibly defeat (or can they?) — God!


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In the new digital extra, “The Winchester Mythology: The Choices We Make,” showrunner Andrew Dabb said:

“God was not kidding when he said it was the end of this story. And by the end of this story, it means the end of the world. The question of what that looks like, the question of how Sam and Dean deal with that, I think those are the big things that we’re going to explore going into season 15.”

Here is the synopsis for Season 15:

“The epic journey of the Winchester brothers come to a close as Supernatural enters its final season. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have battled demons and angels, mythical creatures and monsters, in a seemingly unending quest to save the world. But in the final battle of the show’s 14th season, they face off against God Himself (Rob Benedict), refusing to kill their surrogate nephilim son Jack (Alexander Calvert), and thus bringing about God’s decision to end this reality once and for all… Supernatural is from Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Robert Singer (Midnight Caller), Andrew Dabb, Robert Berens (The Ringer) and Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman).”

Also part of “The Winchester Mythology: The Choices We Make,” Jensen Ackles added:

“The world has just opened up, essentially, and all of those things that we have spent so many years fighting, they’re going to come knocking now.  It’s going to be an all-out free-for-all.  In my opinion, they’re teeing up what could possibly be the best season of the show.”

Are you excited for the explosive final season?


Source: Entertainment Weekly