'Fantastic Four' #1 comic book frontThe ‘Fantastic Four‘ have already returned to the Marvel 616 Universe after their adventures of being without a book and now is getting a secondary series as well titled ‘Fantastic Four: Yancy Street’!

As they’ve already lost the Baxter Building, it is time to really explore their new home, and this new book is looking to share some of the more day-to-day activities of their lives when they aren’t squaring off against Doctor Doom trying to steal the power of Galactus.

The book is being written by Gerry Duggan with the artwork and cover being tackled by Greg Smallwood.

The initial plot for the start of the series lets us know that not everyone is happy that Invisible Woman, The Thing, Human Torch, and Mr. Fantastic have found a new home:

The Fantastic Four have made their home on Yancy Street, but their arrival doesn’t exactly make their neighbors happy. To make matters worse, when our heroes start to investigate a nasty piece of vandalism, The Thing is forced to relive painful memories of his Yancy Street tormentors…and if that’s not enough, danger lurks in every corner with the arrival of The Terrible Trio!

On this new tale, Duggan shares:

“Last fall, Greg Smallwood and I got to take a big swing at Dr. Strange in ‘The Best Defense,’ and now we’re re-teaming to scratch our Fantastic Four itches. We’re exploring some of the ripples created by their move to Yancy Street, and some classic Jack & Stan villains are invited, too. It’s an oversized love letter to Marvel’s first family, just in time for Marvel’s eightieth birthday.”

It’ll be fun to see which classic Kirby and Lee villains are brought back into the fold in this story.

Are you looking forward to having more tales of the ‘Fantastic Four’ available later this year? Will this be a refreshing step back from the universe and world-shattering events which they’ve been primarily attached to in recent years? What other villains are you hoping will make an appearance in this set of books? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

‘Fantastic Four: Yancy Street’ #1 will be available in your local comic shops in August!