Fantastic Four

Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and their children have been gone since the events of the last “Secret War” and the ‘Fantastic Four‘ has been broken since that time. The married couple of Marvel’s First Family has been missing from the Marvel 616 Universe with not only Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm believing that they were gone, but all of their friends and enemies including Doctor Doom thinking the same thing as well.

While this has seen Doom temporarily become a hero, it has been hell on the remaining two team members and now that they’ll all be reunited it will require some heavy explanations on Reed’s side about they’ve been. Not only that, but we’ve seen The Thing and The Human Torch losing their powers as the unstable molecules in their systems have been breaking down from such a prolonged absence from the rest of their team. As the heroes can’t say that they’ve been missing due to the cinematic rights to these characters between Marvel Studios and Fox, an explanation has finally been given.

While some of this makes sense, it likely doesn’t all add up to those who have enjoyed the characters over the years, and you can check out the details in the following panel:


Do you agree as to Reed’s reasoning for leaving the ‘Fantastic Four’ behind? Would it have worked out better or worse for Marvel’s First Family if they had given Ben and Johnny the choice to go with them? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Heroic Hollywood