Fans of The CW shows won’t have the convenience of finding them all on Netflix.  The network signed an agreement in 2011 which delivered full seasons to the streaming service immediately after their season finales aired, and was reportedly paid $1 billion.  The success of ‘Riverdale’ can largely be chalked up to this deal, as the first season wasn’t very highly rated, but upon the first season being offered on Netflix, it found its audience.  The original agreement was renewed in 2016, with some modifications, but The CW chose not to renew a second time and will instead shop its shows around individually.  That means Netflix could still get them, but it will have to compete with other streaming services.

However, shows that were already part of the deal will remain on Netflix, and that includes all of the existing DC Comics shows, ‘Supernatural’, and ‘Riverdale’, as well as new programs like ‘Charmed’.  Not only will full seasons be delivered to Netflix, but the streamer will keep them, even after those shows end.  (‘Arrow’ and ‘Supernatural’ will both wrap next season.)  But the shows that The CW has just ordered, including ‘Batwoman’, ‘Katy Keene’ and ‘Nancy Drew’ will not automatically be delivered to Netflix.

‘Batwoman’ is reportedly being earmarked for the upcoming WarnerMedia streaming service, with its chief creative officer Kevin Reilly stating, “We’re very interested in putting that on our platform.”  (Clearly, WarnerMedia is being treated as a higher priority than the existing DC Universe streaming service, which is where these DC shows SHOULD be going.)

Netflix is also losing all of its Disney programming, most of which is going to Disney+, as well as series such as ‘The Office’ and ‘Friends’, which are going to WarnerMedia.  As a result, Netflix is spending $15 billion this year on original programming to offset these losses, and will reportedly spend $17.5 billion next year.

Will the loss of The CW shows be enough to make you ditch Netflix?


Source: Deadline