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If you’re a TV addict, then you have to love the month of May as that’s when all the networks come out and preview their upcoming slate of projects in an event known as the Upfronts. What made Wednesday’s Upfronts exciting was that CBS All Access revealed the official title, logo, and a first image of the much buzzed about Jean-Luc Picard series starring Sir Patrick Stewart!


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Ever since Stewart announced he was going to reprise his role in a new ‘Star Trek’ series, the outlets have been dubbing the show as ‘Picard.’ At least we were somewhat correct as it has been announced that the series’ full title will be ‘Star Trek: Picard.’ (Yeah, the name lacks a bit of originality but, face it, no other name would have done the series proud.)

In addition to the title reveal, the logo for the series was also shown and tweeted out by the official ‘Star Trek’ Twitter account:



As you can see, the moniker includes the iconic Starfleet insignia which is placed within Picard’s name – you know, just in case you didn’t now the series was part of the ‘Star Trek’ universe.

Those in attendance were shown a short clip from the series which just started filming last month and while we don’t have that footage to share, we do have a screenshot thanks to Kate Aurthur of Buzzfeed News:



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As reported earlier, this new series will feature a more seasoned Picard who is done with Starfleet and is not the same man that we last saw in the 2002 film ‘Star Trek: Nemesis.’ As Alex Kurtzman recently teased:

“It’s been twenty-plus years so he couldn’t possibly be the same person – what has happened in that time? Has there been occurrences that have forced him to reckon with choices he has made? How do you hold on to being the person that everyone loved when the circumstances may have changed? So those are the questions that we’re asking.”

‘Star Trek: Picard’ will be 10 episodes long and, as Stewart describes it, will play like a “10 hour movie.” Just seeing the former Enterprise Captain may be enough to tune in but to watch as he struggles with the decisions he has made in his life and the path he now travels because of them makes the series more compelling to watch.

No premiere date has been announced but the show is slated for a late 2019 premiere

Keep checking back with for all the news on ‘Star Trek: Picard’ as it becomes available!