Cancellation Doesn't Keep Netflix From Submitting Its Marvel Shows For Emmy Consideration

Netflix cancelled their entire line of Marvel Comics-inspired shows within the last year, but because the streaming service released them, they are still eligible for the Emmys.  Netflix revealed their “For Your Consideration” page, and among the original series listed are ‘Daredevil’, ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Luke Cage’, and ‘The Punisher’.  The third and final season of ‘Jessica Jones’ has not yet been released, so it’s ineligible.  Well… there’s always next year.

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To be fair, Netflix is suggesting all of its original shows for Emmy consideration, and the Marvel shows aren’t the only ones that have been canceled.  ‘The Good Cop’, and ‘House of Cards’ were also listed, despite being axed.  The acclaimed ‘House of Cards’ has won numerous Emmys in the past, among other accolades, and was really only canceled due to personal controversies surrounding star Kevin Spacey, who was written out of the final season.  But ‘The Good Cop’ was canned after just one season.  That would seemingly indicate that it’s not very good, but hey!  Good luck!

In all fairness, everyone knows that the Marvel shows weren’t canceled due to lack of quality.  Netflix preemptively cut ties to all Disney properties as Disney is pulling all of its films and TV shows from Netflix and relocating them to either Hulu or the upcoming Disney+ family streaming service.  That now includes material from 20th Century Fox, including ‘The Simpsons’ which will now only be available to stream on Disney+.


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‘Luke Cage’ won one Emmy, for Stunt Coordination.  ‘Jessica Jones’ won one as well, for Original Main Title Theme Music.  ‘Daredevil’ has been nominated for five Emmys, and ‘The Punisher’ and ‘The Defenders’ have been nominated for one apiece.

Sorry if this reopens an old wound.  Fans may just be getting over the cancellations of these shows.  Unfortunately, due to the contract with Netflix, Disney can’t use these characters again for at least another year.  It’s possible that Disney could revive them for Hulu, but it’s pretty unlikely as the creators and cast have had to move on to new projects.  And these R-rated exploits don’t exactly fit with Disney’s wholesome family image.

But maybe at the very least, one or more of these shows can go out on top, with an Emmy win!