Shooting is underway on ‘Supergirl’ Season 2, which will kick off on October 10, 2017 on its new home The CW.  And one thing that fans can look forward to is Tyler Hoechlin who is stepping into the famous red and blue tights of Superman.  DC’s flagship hero was purposefully omitted from much of Season 1, in order to maintain the show’s focus on its titular hero, played by Melissa Benoist.  But now that she’s had a chance to shine on her own, it’s time to bring in a new family dynamic with her famous cousin making his full debut in the first two new episodes.

Intrepid fans have managed to snap some photos of Hoechlin in costume and shared them online and he looks… well, pretty super!

Reportedly, Hoechlin will first appear as Clark Kent, before making contact with Kara. Oh and I did mention his tights, right?  Well, Hoechlin certainly seems to fill them out quite well:

Uh, can he just not wear the cape?  Can we leave that part out?  Please? Okay, probably not.  If the pics weren’t enough, another fan managed to snap some video footage of him in action:

Let’s not forget the show is called ‘SuperGIRL’ and viewers should expect her to take centerstage, especially in this season’s line-wide crossover event, which most assume will result in Kara and her National City cohorts moving over to the same universe as ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and “Legends of Tomorrow’.

Are you excited that Superman is coming to National City?  Do you hope to see more of the Man of Steel on TV?

Sources: Twitter, NewNowNext