Among the fans that have spoken up on social media regarding Netflix’s cancellation of ‘The Punisher’, was Eminem.  The Oscar and Grammy-winning rapper wrote a short open letter to the streaming service which simply read, “REGARDING YOUR CANCELLATION OF THE PUNISHER, YOU ARE BLOWING IT!!”  Em’s statements reflect that of thousands, if not millions, of fans.

What does the star of ‘The Punisher’, Jon Bernthal think of Eminem’s reaction?  Well, he also took to Twitter to respond.

As it turns out, in 2009, Marvel Comics actually published a team-up comic, ‘Eminem/The Punisher’ in which the famous vigilante journeyed to Eminem’s home town of Detroit, and the duo wound up battling the criminal kingpin Baracuda, with Em rescuing The Punisher by killing Baracuda with a chainsaw.

Last year, Eminem also supplied the theme song for a movie starring another dark Marvel anti-hero, ‘Venom’.  So clearly, Marshall Mathers is a comic book fan.

While fans might be disappointed that ‘The Punisher’ was terminated, this was a move that everyone saw coming, after Netflix had already axed ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Luke Cage’, and the most successful of them all, ‘Daredevil’.  This year, Disney becomes the 60% majority shareholder of one of Netflix’s biggest competitors, Hulu, and are launching a separate family-skewed service, ‘Disney+, creating even more competition.  Netflix is clearly severing ties with Disney wholesale, regardless of the popularity of these shows.

Netflix also announced the cancellation of ‘Jessica Jones’, the final Marvel show on the service, which still has a third season yet to be released.

Bernthal won’t be sitting on his laurels.  He appears in the completed adventure movie ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’, and will play Lee Iacocca opposite Christian Bale in ‘Ford V. Ferrari’.  He is currently filming the comedy-drama ‘Small Engine Repair’, and has four more movies lined up after that.

Fans who might be hopeful that ‘The Punisher’ and the other canceled Netflix shows might surface on another service will have quite a wait, as contractually they cannot be used elsewhere for two more years.