'Avengers: Endgame' Press Conference: Karen Gillan Looks Forward To Nebula Facing Her "Daddy Issues"

Karen Gillan‘s Nebula occupies a unique space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as she was one of Thanos’ children, and therefore a villain for most of her life.  But after her more recent involvement with her heroic sister Gamora and her allies the Guardians of the Galaxy, she has slowly attempted to shift to the side of good.  With Gamora and almost all of the other Guardians gone, will Nebula step up to live up to their example?  That remains to be seen, but her role in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ may be her biggest yet.


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Gillan gathered with the rest of the cast, along with Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, directors Joe and Anthony Russo, and Jon Favreau, who helmed ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Iron Man 2’, and portrays Happy Hogan in various films, for the official ‘Endgame’ press conference.  Not that the 22nd Marvel Studios picture needs help getting publicity.  Its tickets became the fastest selling pre-sale tickets ever in the span of just six hours.

In an amusing touch, at the press conference, the creators and actors were scattered on stage amid an equal number of empty chairs meant to symbolize the absence of those that were turned to dust at the end of ‘Infinity War’.

While, as expected, nothing significant was revealed about ‘Endgame’– which is probably in keeping with fans’ wishes– each actor was given the spotlight to discuss their character and their place within the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When it came her time to talk, Gillan stated:

“It’s maybe safe to say she suffers from some daddy issues because her dad is Thanos, so who wouldn’t?  I’m excited for her to face the source of this abuse. She’s talked about how she wants to inflict revenge, so we all know about that. I’d like to see her try to face that…  I don’t know if she will. Maybe she won’t.  I just got really nervous I gave something away, so I’m going to stop.”

Spoiler or not, it sounds as though Nebula will finally face-off with Thanos.  How that turns out will be revealed in three weeks.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ will assemble in theaters on April 26.


Source: Entertainment Weekly