There isn’t much confirmed about Marvel Studios’ ‘The Eternals‘ yet outside of the fact that Chloe Zhao is going to be helming the picture, but now it seems that we know when it is set to head into production. September of 2019 has tentatively been earmarked for the film that is said to share a 2020 release with ‘Black Widow‘ to begin filming. With a potential release date of November 6th, 2020, this would give the studio plenty of time for filming and the post-production work that this film will likely need.

For those unfamiliar with ‘The Eternals,’ it will likely be a film that takes place in both the past and present. It is hard to address the creation of this race of heroes which were created millions of years ago when the Celestials came to Earth and began experimenting on humanity. This lead to the heroic Eternals and more villainous Deviants.

The two races have battled for centuries and have popped up throughout Marvel’s comic history with plenty of material to draw from. We’ve even seen the Eternal Sersi end up as an Avenger for a time and will likely be one of the stars of the film.

Zhao is currently developing the screenplay with Matthew and Ryan Firpo, so we’re hoping to hear more soon.

It should be noted that Thanos, The Mad Titan, is a hybrid of both an Eternal and a Deviant so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him somehow featured in this film assuming he survives the events of ‘Avengers 4.’

Are you excited for ‘The Eternals’ to go into production next year? Do you feel that bringing them to the forefront and potentially exposing us more to The Celestials is a fitting way to expand the galactic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will the film find a way to incorporate Thanos into the story? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: That Hashtag Show