“Put on a happy face” for the ‘Joker’ origin story as we’ve got the first trailer for the film to share with you. I’ve been hesitant to get behind this movie since it was first announced. It isn’t because I didn’t think that Joaquin Phoenix could play the Joker, he’s a fantastic actor. It more has to do with the fact that we were just given one Joker with Jared Leto who might already be getting recast, and now we’re being thrown an origin story that may or may not be tied to the other DC films.

Also, it is an origin story to a character who has always been a mystery which helps add to his intrigue.


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Now that I’ve seen the trailer, it is easy to say that Phoenix may be giving us one of the ultimate live-action portrays of The Clown Prince of Crime to date. I’m still not sure how I feel about the film and the lack of direction that Warner Bros. seems to have pulled off with their cinematic universe but either way, this looks like a film worth a watch.

You can check out the first ‘Joker’ trailer right here!


How about that laugh ladies and gentlemen? It actually works!

This is a different kind of dark than what we’ve seen from Zach Snyder in his first DC films and one that really fits the tone of a Batman story, or in this case, a Joker story.

What did you think of the first teaser for DC’s ‘Joker’ origin story? Will Joaquin Phoenix give us a solid origin story for The Clown Prince of Crime? Can this somehow fit into the greater cinematic DC Universe we’ve seen so far or will this be a stand-alone? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Joker’ will be laughing his way into your local theater on October 4th, 2019!