With the recent news about Joe Manganiello officially joining Ben Affleck’s solo ‘The Batman’ movie as fan-favorite villain Deathstroke, fans have been extremely excited to see how the villain will be used in the new film. Of course, Manganiello is not the first actor to take on the role of Deathstroke in live action, as most recently we were treated to Manu Bennett portraying the character for 2 seasons on the CW’s ‘Arrow,’ showing him going from an ally of Oliver Queen’s on the island he was shipwrecked on, watching his slow decline into a villain, and then watching Deathstroke wreak havoc on Star City and Oliver Queen in particular in the present. And then Bennett returned for a brief cameo in Season 3 of the show, but even he did not think much of that appearance, so we do not need to go into much detail there.

And how did Manu Bennett react to the news that another actor would be taking on the cinematic version of this character he so masterfully brought to life. Check out his Tweet below:

Clearly, there is no trade here, but it is nice to see Bennett joking about the situation, as I am sure he is not the first actor who played a great superhero/ villain role on the CW and was recast for the DCEU on the whims of the Warner Bros overlords. And there is room for many different interpretations of Deathstroke. When he was first introduced, he was THE big bad for the Teen Titans comics, proving himself capable of handing a number of heroes with his many skills. Over the years he has remained a serious threat to many heroes, even to Batman himself, hence why Affleck chose to use the villain in the standalone film.

Do you wish Bennett would have been used as Deathstroke in the ‘Batman’ movie? Do you think Manganiello will bring the same gravitas and fun to the role that Bennett did? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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