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Gordan’s early career in the Gotham City Police Department and the coming of age of Bruce Wayne, i.e. the time that defined his youth and led him to his deciding to become Batman, the show has deliberately kept away from the Dark Knight himself, never putting young Wayne anywhere near Bats. Even when they put actor David Mazouz in a black combat suit to help out the Gotham Police department in recent seasons, there was never any sign of Bat iconography. Nor should there have been, as the show has not dropped any hints of any kind of Bat connection to Bruce. No obsession with the creatures from his childhood, no accidentally “falling” into the Batcave during his parents’ funeral, no Bats being trapped in Wayne Manor, nothing at all. And with the fifth and final season coming to a close, many have wondered just how the show is going to get to Batman with so little time left.


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But clearly they are going to, because they have released a poster for the finale, which has Batman front and center, well, with his back to the camera, looking out over the city but with the most distinguishable part of the costume being the cowl and the Bat-ears, that is definitely enough.

All of which means they are going to get those Bat connections in soon enough, especially since rumors have it that the finale will feature flash-forwards to show Bruce in all his Batman glory (though apparently David Mazouz’s face will be superimposed onto a body double to make Batman a bit taller and more adult in the flash forwards, to make Bats a little more comic-accurate).

Plus, they say all the characters we have met should be more accurate to their comics counterparts in those flash-forwards, with things like Gordan having a mustache, Penguin being fat, etc., which should make for some amazing imagery in the finale. And while it will be exciting to see, it will be sad at the same time because it will truly herald the end of this fun and wacky series, which has proved to be very entertaining over the course of its run, even if at times the storytelling was a bit uneven.

What do you think of the look of Batman in the poster (which you can check out below)? Do you agree that it looks more like the Nolan Bat-suit than the current DCEU suit, especially in the cowl area? Or is it not showing enough to really be able to tell? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

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