Animated Star Trek Series On Nickelodeon Won't Be "Playing Down To Viewers"

The upcoming Nickelodeon “Star Trek” series tapped Dan and Kevin Hageman to help the show, and now we’re finding out precisely why. The duo are responsible for creating quite a few animated features and shows, and their track record is what stood out to the studio. Producer Heather Kadin specifically cited that it was their talent for creating content for children that was also enjoyable by adults and, to paraphrase, not be dumbed down for the younger crowd who are watching it.

I’m quite curious to see how Gene Roddenberry’s original vision is tackled for a children’s cartoon as it feels like a natural fit.


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According to Kadin:

“The reason we went to the Hagemans is because if you’ve seen their work, you know that they’re not writing Muppet Babies. It’s not ‘Little Spock and Little Kirk.’ It’s not playing down [to viewers] that way. Even [with] their characters in Ninjago — they are teenagers — I was able to watch that with my kids, and they write with a very epic quality. They tell stories the way we tell stories in live action: serialized, turning over cards. I think it will be a great way for fans to introduce the franchise to their kids, and for new fans to be formed because it’s such a big franchise, [it can be hard] to get into as a kid.”

Honestly, being a parent and having now watched shows such as ‘Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitz’, ‘The Lego Movie‘, and ‘Hotel Transylvania‘ which the pair helped bring to life I’m quite eager to see what they do here. These are all solid stories that can be enjoyed by anyone, and I’m hopeful that their past success can translate into delivering a solid “Star Trek” series to help introduce my kids to even more science fiction.

Are you excited about the upcoming animated “Star Trek” series? Do you feel that the Hagemans’ work on ‘Ninjago’ proves that this will be enjoyable by adults and kids alike? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Cinema Blend